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    Back to Flash Update crash nightamre

    Pradip_A Level 1

      1. Sometime ago, following the 11.4 update notificafication, the update kept crashing and I went on this forum for answers.


      2. Two suggested remedies by Adobe staff both failed as well.


      3. A user then forwarded me the Standalone Flash Update link which worked.


      4. Subsequently, Adobe must have dealt with the faulty installer script, because the previous update (could be last month)
          went through without incident


      5. Yesterday, the 11.5.502.110 notification arrived. Clicked on it, it crashed. Nothing has changed.
          Tried the Standalone link - it too doesn't work anymore for downloading the latest version.


      Crash Details (XP Pro SP3):

      Reaches the Initializing... screen. Then the following error is displayed:


          Char 12948


          Error: Object expected


          Line   1


          Code 0






      On the last ocassion, when I had started the same thread, more users joined in to report
      that they were having exactly the same problem. I hate to estimate the total productive
      time lost worldwide due to ongoing, never ending problems with Adobe updates. Why
      don't these problems arise with Microsft updates or Java updates from Oracle ?


      Can anyone please bail me out this time around, again ?

      Pradip A.