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    How to validate specific fields from multiple subforms before printing?

    Santouryuu Three



      Is it possible to add validations in a form with 3 checkboxes before printing and each checkbox gives other textfields(subforms), you can only check one box at the time.

      When I tried to validate, it checks all the textfields from each checkbox. I want to validate only the textfields of the box I have checked.


      So far, I can validate all the textfields and not independently from each checkbox.


      This part is for the printing:

      <event activity="prePrint" ref="$host" name="event__prePrint">

                  <script contentType="application/x-javascript">

      if (

      (xfa.resolveNode("TextField2").rawValue == null) ||

      (xfa.resolveNode("TextField3").rawValue == null)



      app.alert("Please fill in all the fields.",3);

      xfa.event.cancelAction = true; // cancel printing

      app.runtimeHighlight = true;

      if (xfa.resolveNode("TextField2").rawValue == null)


      xfa.resolveNode("TextField2").fillColor = "000,159,218";


      if (xfa.resolveNode("TextField3").rawValue == null)


      xfa.resolveNode("TextField3").fillColor = "000,159,218";





      xfa.event.cancelAction = false; // proceed with printing





      I'm a beginner and I hope someon could help me with this. Thanks!