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    Lost my Structured View to a dual monitor - Help!

    mphare Level 1

      Framemaker 8, Structured

      Windows 7 Prof


      A user has been using a dual monitor setup with the desktop extended to the second monitor.

      He pushed the Structured View over to the second monitor and shutdown the machine.

      He then restarted the machine without the second monitor attached and now he cannot bring up the Structured View.

      From my past experience with this same phenomenon, I believe the Structured View is still sitting over in the second monitor space. When this has happened to me I re-attach the second monitor, located the view and was able to grab the view and slide it back over to the main display.

      However, this user claims he has tried that and the Structured View is not located in the second display. He had to leave before I could work with the laptop and try to 'find' the Structured View myself.

      My question is, is there a better way to reclaim any view/window/dialog that was left in a secondary display when Framemaker is restarted with only the main display?




      Michael Hare