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    How to instal Edge Animator html files in XCode to build an app?

    Mar Ballesteros

      Hello, I've made an animation with Edge Animator and I'm trying to instal the html file in XCode to create an app. XCode seems to recognize the file properly, but when I run the simulator, the html page in blank, and the animation doesn't appear.

      These are the steps I've followed:

      1- I published the Edge animator project in html static,

      2- I copied the files into the document (DOCT) folder (in XCode), I had to create the folder, as it was not already in the project,

      3- I translated the .js files from "compile sources" to "Copy Bundle resources".

      4- I created an HTML Doc plugin, and pointed it to the html doc.

      5- I ran the iPhone simulator, but the html screen is blank... (both with iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 6.0 simulator)


      Some idea of what I'm doing wrong?

      Thank you in advance!