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    Have you tried the new Adobe Exchange?

    wharress Adobe Employee

      You may have seen that Exchnage was recently rebranded as Exchnage Classic and that was really to make way for a brand new Exchange. It is designed to deliver a much better experience to users and producers.


      If you just want to try it out, download the CS6 Adobe Exchange panel here (a Creative Cloud integrated Web site is in the works):



      If you want to submit products on Exchange sign up here (you just need to use your Adobe ID or create one).



      Try it out and give us your feedback.




      Warner Harress | Adobe Exchange Team

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          So now Adobe Exchange requires the latest version of Photoshop to be installed and requires an extension panel.  Configurator panels keep changing with each release of Photoshop.


          The Old Adobe Exchange was very poor and required an Adobe review before updates would be made public one never knew which would come first death or Adobe's review and publish.  So I gave up on the old Adobe Exchange some time ago.


          From the above link I don't think I'll even look at the New Adobe Exchange looks like a corpse DOA IMO

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            wharress Adobe Employee

            Hi JJMack,  I am sorry you had a bad experience with Exchange Classic I can assure you that the new Adobe Exchange is very different.  The new Adobe Exchange is integrated with Creative Suite 6 applications. It provides an in-app experience for CS6 users where they can browse, search, and buy — all within the Exchange Panel. Adobe Exchange allows you to offer products for sale, with an integrated, seamless payment workflow through a third-party vendor, users don't even have to leave the point product to install or search for products.  Why don't you try out the new Adobe Exchange first hand?.  The existing Adobe Exchange will continue to be offered at the old location as Adobe Exchange Classic www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange.  If you have any questions or need any assistance with the new Adobe Exchange please get touch with me.  Kind Regards  Warner Harress | Adobe Exchange Team

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Three different packagers two free one with monthly cost. Package Extension now install differently then normal Photoshop add on plug-ins, scripts, actions,  etc. 


              Configurator add more palettes we has so many now do we need more.  Each Photoshop version seems to need a different Configurator and Photoshop versions seem to need a different Configurator export build.  


              Still seem to be an Adobe review involved unless you use private groups. Seamless payment workflow for me for my Photoshop stuff is free all other payment work flow see a 1/4 cut ripped off to Adobe.  Why is an Adobe review needed seems like a needless roadblock. Roadblocks are not seamless.

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                I did notice that clicking on the link to Photoshop Exchange on this page takes one to the Exchange Classic:






                But once your at the Photoshop Exchange Classic and click on the link on this page for Adobe Exchange Classic it takes one to the new exchange instead of the Exchange Classic.







                As i use both exchanges from time to time, i would like to see links to both the New Exchange and the Adobe Classic Exchange

                so either one is easy to find.



                Oh and i do like the new exchange for current products, as it makes installs much easier for those of less experience which such things.