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    Make header visible if more than one item in list


      I am trying to create a report using LiveCycle/Acrobat, i.e. the form is created as a dynamic pdf in livecycle. I will open it with acrobat and import data.


      To simplify the report, it has two columns


      Client    Date Seen


      Not all clients have ever been seen, and I would like the report to look something like:


      Joe Blow    Date seen

                       may 5

                       june 16

      Mary Smith Date seen

                        july 23

      John Smith

      Fred Jones   Date seen

                        jan 14


      The important point there is that for John Smith, who has no instances of being seen, I want to make the header (Date seen) invisible.


      If it was a form into which someone was entering data, I would do something like (on the Exit event):


      if (Date.rawValue == null)

      {parent.parent.HeaderRow.presence = "invisible"}

      else {parent.parent.HeaderRow.presence = "visible"}


      but when I import XML data I don't think there is an "event".


      I suspect what I have to do is insert a script object, and I think it needs to be called somehow after the "Import Data", and I suspect it needs to loop through all the nodes and work out which instances of the HeaderRow should be invisible, and which invisible, but I'd appreciate some guidance.