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    Full text PDF indexing for website search?

    MichaelOryl Level 1

      Hi.  We run a couple of websites on CQ5.5 and are trying to get the PDF files we refer to in the DAM to show in search results that users conduct on our sites.  I've seen a number of references that imply that full text searching of PDFs is possible.  For example:


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/crx/current/developing/searching_in_crx.html#Full-Text%20Extrac tion


      But thus far I've not been able to figure out what I must do to get it working.  I had expected that if this were possible to do, then it would have worked with the Geometrixx demo site.  It did not.


      Am I chasing my tail here, or is there actually a way to get this done?  If it's possible, links to documentation on how to configure indexing_config.xml and any other required files would be greatly appreciated.