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    1080 60P clips > 1080i 29.97 Time Line > Dynamic Link from CS6 > Encore > No luck with Burning Tests

    ronfab Level 1


      Just about a year ago I recorded about 25 minutes of very good clips shot at 1080 60P from a boat travelling around 60mph through the "Narrows" on Lake Mead on the Colorado River with smooth water.  I was braced and hand holding a Sony NEX 5N camera.  I just upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 with the "Cloud" after successfully completing my first HD edit and using the Dynamic Link to burn straight from the time line in CS5.5 my first Bluray disc.  Very, very happy with the results.  The acquisition for that and the sequence settings were both 1080i 29.97 from 2 cameras including B footage from the little NEX 5N.


      Keeping the same project and sequence settings in CS6 I have put about 4 minutes on the time line of the 1080 60P clips.  I have been able to "export" that footage to an MPEG 2 1080i 29.97 self contained test clip fine.  However every time I try to use Dynamic Link through Encore to test burn a bluray at the 1080i 29.97 sequence settings it allows me through the whole process and burns roughly 1GB on each disc, but when I put them in the player it tries to read them a really long time and then just says it can't play the disc.


      Any ideas as to what I probably am missing here?


      Thanks much