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    add to shape area

    JimVag1947 Level 1

      If I select the vetor mask of a layer, then easily I can use the "add to shape area" feature, and as such, two different shapes

      will behave as one.


      Of course I must first select the vector mask.


      But, is there a way I can go the other way?


      First creating a shape layer and then adding it to a layer, using the "add to shape area" feature.


      I hope you understood what I am talking about.


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          conroy Level 5

          Target the Shape layer, Opt/Alt-click the Shape's thumbnail in Paths panel (or use Path Selection Tool in document window) to select the required path, press Cmd/Ctrl-C to copy the path.

          Target the vector mask of some other layer, press Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste path into mask.


          If "other" layer doesn't have a vector mask yet and you want to copy the vector mask of a Shape layer to it:

          CS5 - Opt/Alt-drag the vector mask thumbnail in Layers panel from the Shape to "other" layer.

          CS6 - Opt/Alt+Cmd/Ctrl-drag the Shape thumbnail in Layers panel to "other" layer.

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's a spin on it...

            Create a path

            In the layers panel, make sure the layer you want to have the path is unlocked (drag lock icon to trash can)

            Click the icon at bottom of layers panel the looks like a circle inside of a square, click the icon again. {Icon can be greyed out if no layer is selected or the layer is locked}

            If you don't want/need the layer mask just drag that thumbnail to the trash can and you are left with a shape layer created from a path.


            Another option...

            Create a path, select the path with the Path Selection tool (A) right click on the path, select Define Custom shape. This places the path into the custom shape library. Use the Custom Shape Tool (U) And select that shape from the library in top tool bar and drag out your shape on the selected layer.


            {Maybe necessary to hold down shift key when using the keyboard shortcut above to scroll through the tools or click and hold on the icon in toolbar to bring up a flyout menu of those tools}


            So many ways to accomplish the same thing...

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              JimVag1947 Level 1

              both answers were helpful, thanks.