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    Problem with Twitch or Jitter

    Tim Goodspeed Level 1

      Here is a porttion of my current project:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA68vT-d7RY&feature=youtu.be.  From 00:06 to 00:08 you can see the characters head twitch, or jitter.  There are no keyframes set for this character at this point in the video.  What would be causing this movement?  I am seeing in occur randomly in other areas as well in different rendered outputs.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          We don't have enough information to make an informed guess.  How is this comp put together?

          Are you using parenting?  An expression that didn't get disabled or deleted?  Any nested comps that might affect the motions?

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            Tim Goodspeed Level 1

            Dave, thanks for jumping in.  Yes I am using parenting and sub-comps.  Here is what I've got:


            Main Comp:

            - Background (Sub-Comp)

            - Scene 1-3 (Sub-Comp)

            - Scene 4 (Sub-Comp)

            - Scene 5-6 (Sub-Comp)

            - Logo (Sub-Comp)



            - Gray Solid

            - White Solid with feathered mask


            Scene 1-3 (00:00 - 05:08):

            - Character 1 - Employer (Sub-Comp)

            - Thought Bubble Shape Layer

            - Employee of the Month Certificate (masked into and parented to the Thought Bubble)

            - Character 2 - Applicant (Sub-Comp)(masked into and parented to the Thought Bubble)

            - Desk Shape Layer

            - Small Stack of Resumes (Sub-Comp)

            - Large Stack of Resumes (Sub-Comp)

            - Computer Vector Illustration


            Character 1 - Employer:

            - Phone Vector Illustration (keyframed independently from puppeted arm to follow movement of arm)

            - Head Employer (Sub-Comp) (time remapped to control head turn and parented to body)

            - Body Vector Illustration (all one piece - arms puppeted to raise phone, then resume)

            - Lids 01 -03 (Sub-Comps) (time remapped with expression slider tied to opacity to control eye blink.  Parented to Head to match movement.)


            Head Employer:

            - Head Layer (Solid with mask) (mask path is keyframed for head turn)

            - Hair Layer (Solid with mask) (mask path is keyframed for head turn)

            - Vector Illustration layers for ears, mouth, eyes and brows


            Stacks of Resumes:

            - 20 to 30 duplicate layers of Vector Illustration with drop shadow and random fill effects.


            Scene 4 (05:09 to 08:03):

            - Desk Shape Layer

            - Large Stack of Resumes 2 (Sub-Comp)

            - Computer FRONT Vector Illustration

            - Clock (Sub-Comp)

            - Character 1 Employer BACK (Sub-Comp)



            - Clock Vector Illustration for frame of clock

            - Minute Hand Shape Layer (keyframed to rotate)

            - Hour Hand Shape Layer (keyframed to rotate)


            Character 1 Employer BACK:

            - Same set up as Character 1 - Employer without eyes, mouth and brows


            Scene 5-6 (08:04 to 14:12):

            - Character 1 - Employer

            - Desk Shape Layer

            - Resume Layers

            - Computer Vector Illustration



            - Background Vector Illustration

            - Logo Mark Vector Illustration

            - Logo Type Vector Illustration


            So the only expression being used is for transparency of the eyelids to create eye blink.  No others.  Lots of parenting and a bit of puppeting (just arm moves).  Head turn is done with time remapping of mask paths. 

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'd turn off disk cache, make sure that you're not using OPEN GL for rendering and give it another try. I'd also render out this project using a production codec then compress it using AME for delivery.