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    Transitions are not Cooperating


      Hi there guys,


      Been having trouble getting transitions to cooperate since I moved from CS5.5 to CS6.


      When I used CS5.5, If I wished to have a transition reveal a new clip at a faster speed than the default setting, I would simply select the transition and drag the "Start" slider a number above 0.


      However, ever since I moved to using CS6, the "Start" slider appears to have no effect on the transition speed whatsoever. No matter what number I have dragged it to, the transition still runs for the same time as the default setting and the new clip will only begin to appear when the transition gets about halfway through (as if it were starting at 0 on the slider).


      Has anybody run into this problem as well and have a suggestion that might help solve it?


      Would be massively appreciated if somebody could point me in the right direction,