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    Form Submission to PDF Email




      I was talking to a rep online before I signed up and asked if this was possible and they said yes... However I dont see an option to do this.


      I want the online form to be sent back to me when submitted in PDF form. I would hope this is possible. Returning me the data in HTML embedded into the email is not what I am looking for. I would like the form to be returned to me exactly how the user sees it when hitting the submit button.


      Please let me know if this is possible.


      I also have questions on creating a web form. Forgive my noobness on this. I cannot seem to add/move text boxes and pictures around on the creator. The form functionaly doesnt seem up to par. I cannot add a text box next to a picture or resize it/etc. I have alot of text boxes and pictures I want to fit on one page and it seems like every new text box just gets inserted below the next, wasting tons of space all over the form.