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    Timeline animation changes css properties

    David M.

      Curious if anyone else is noticing this behavior, and if so is it a bug?


      I have a button symbol composed of a text element. On different mousevents the timeline of the symbol moves to change the color of the text. This symbol is being created dynamically on 'compositionReady' and given a width of auto through the jQuery css method so that text for the labels loaded dynamically makes the symbol size larger.


      When previewing the file, when mousing over the symbol the css property of the width changes back to the value on the symbol. I'm assuming its reloading the css properties which is overriding what I've coded in compositionReady, even though the width property isn't animated. Using the developer tools in Chrome I can see where the 'width' properpty is set to auto on load, but changes to the px value of the original symbol on the first mouse event.


      In this case, I've gotten around it by just scripting the font color changes intead of using the timeline. However, I've seen this happen in other instances with other properities I've adjusted using css.


      link to the project file if you are interested in seeing what I'm talking about:



      Any thoughts?