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    Google Chrome installing without my consent when I update Adobe Flash Player


      To whom do I complain about Google Chrome installing without my consent when I updated Adobe Flash Player? I updated to Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X this morning. I saw no indication that Google Chrome was going to install and given that I have used GC in the past and absolutely hated it I would not have completed the Flash update. If there is an opt-out for Chrome when updating Flash it needs to be more obvious.


      I was annoyed but simply uninstalled Chrome and thought that would take care of it. Not so fast! Suddenly links in Outlook emails stopped working. All tolled I spent 2 hours figuring out what the problem was, finding the solution and editing the registry to get rid of Chrome. I have moved beyond annoyed to livid. I am self-employed and did not have 2 hours of my week to devote to this.


      I will never use Google Chrome. I tried it, didn't like it and I'm now I'm thoroughly done. Is there a way to permanently opt out of getting Google Chrome?



      So again, to whom do I complain?


      Tamara Gehle