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    covering up a background image


      Very starnge scenario that I would love to get help with.  I wanted to block out a face that appears in the background of a short clip. So my strategy was to creage a little square that matched the same color as the background and place it over the face on a second video track.  (video 2) It looked great in preview! But after I exported the clip to a Windows Media File, the square no longer covered the face and had moved more towards the left of the screen.  So I went back into the project and viewed in full screen, thinking that editing from a smaller preview window was the issue  but it still looked correct.  The square was directly over the face.  So it is something about the export process that messed up the alignment


      This might be relevant so i am going to include.  The Project setting (DV) is at 720 x 480  but the exported frame size for a Windows Media file  is 1280 x 720.  Could that have anything to do with the issue ? If so, what would be the best setting and file to export a version that matches how I lined up the small square image on the clip?