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    Adobe Digital Edition (ADE)

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      I have downloaded it and installed this software called ADE.  I can now read the EPUB documents but I want to know whether there is anyway to print a selection of text/pictures without copying and pasting into  Word or something else.


      Apart from reading the docs on the screen, what else is this software good for?  I am of course, assuming that not everybody is disabled.  I am not disabled so is this software any good for me?  I have got some EPUB books and the publisher tells me that they don't publish these books in pdf format anymore.  These EPUB docs cannot be converted into PDF without using third party converters online and I don't want to do this because of copyright issues.



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          Derek Leng Level 1

          You can print selected page if this book has related permissions. This is described in book's item info.


          Unfortunately, you can ONLY print to physical printers (No virtual printer or PDF printer allowed).

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            Ebooks have digital rights assigned to them, which I think correspond to

            your use of the term 'copyright'.  But they're a bit more broad than just

            saying the ebook is copyrighted.  The digital rights include the ability to

            copy and print.  The authors, publishers and distributors can assign

            digital rights and you can see which ones have been assigned by doing an

            inquiry on the ebook's information.  Just go to Library view in ADE, hover

            your cursor over the small arrow next to the ebook's title, and a drop-down

            menu should show up.  Pick 'Item Info' from that menu, and you'll see a

            display of that information.  About halfway down, you can see whether the

            digital rights permit printing.


            Hope this helps!