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    Major issue! Disapearing items!


      This is the second time I've built a 56 page catalog only to have items (text boxes, images) compleatly disapear from a spread! All I did was close the document, wait a couple of minutes, open it back up and bam! All items on pages 9 and 10 are gone!


      I can no longer trust CS6. Hoping to be able to downshift to CS5.


      Everyone beware!!!!!


      (ps, using a Mac with 10.6.8)

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I suggest completely redoing pages 9 and 10 - don't copy old frames or from one document to another. Don't use anything you've used on 9 and 10 already.


          Completely redo the entire page. Any images/text etc. bring in anew - and I'd be inclined to resave all the images used on those spreads as new files and import them rather the old ones.


          You can also remove minor corruption from files by exporting the document to IDML and then open that.

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            olson3d Level 1

            Eugene, thanks for the reply. I've already had to move this back to CS5 (I forgot to mention that I was using Indesign CS6 8.0.1). There was no point on rebuilding any pages in the document when, at any time, more items could disappear.

            I DID export the document to IDML as you suggested, and when I opened the document in CS5, this inexplicable issue emerged:

            Screen shot 2012-11-15 at 7.49.56 PM.png

            I have no idea what is happening or why CS6 documents are becoming corrupted. All I know is that Indesign CS6 CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. I have wasted a full day chasing my tail over this “items disappearing” issue and until Adobe acknowledges that they are aware of the problems and are working on a fix, I will not waste my time rebuilding documents over and over again in CS6.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I suspect the "missing" objects may have gotten moved beyond the pasteboard bounds, though I'm honestly not sure waht causes balloning pasteboards.


              There's a pretty good chance you can clean this up at this point, though, by doing the following:


              Make a copy of the file for backup in case something goes wrong.


              Switch to the spread with the giant pasteboard and marquee around all the visible objects that belong to select them. DO NOT use select all.


              CUT those selected objects to the clipboard.


              NOW use Select All and then delete (you may not see anything selected -- this step is an attempt to find and remove stray point objects out in the nether regions).


              Paste In Place to put the stuff back into your spread (it's a good idea to make sure Paste Remembers Layers is enabled in the Layers panel flyout menu).


              Export again to .idml, then open that and resave with a new name.

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                Colin Matthews


                I've been having the same problem with the pasteboard ballooning and images text boxes dissapearing. I was wondering have you fixed it yet? Sorry to ask but it seems that you and I are the only people that have this issue! I am using a 2012 27" imac and was wondering if this could be the cause, as I've reinstalled from disc and download.

                Thanks in advance