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    Optimizing hardware for PS6 performance for large files

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      I'm working with large files starting at 24x48" @ 240 dpi. Usually with a few layers, Smart layer, then processing several plug-ins like NIK, TOPAZ, etc.


      It can take a long time to save the native PS file (around 1.5G), and then I save off jpgs at full res for the printer, and use save for web to process a web jpg around 1200 pixels wide.


      This is what I have. Win7 64, a 1gb Nvidia GTX 460, 12gb ram, the OS is on a 64gb SSD.


      Can anyone advise me which of the3se can speed things up?


      1) Add a second SSD for the Cache/APP/ and working files (PSDs)


      2) I don't think my system can go beyond 12gb RAM unfortunately it is a couple year old i7


      3) Would a different video card do anything? More video RAM?


      I do believe the latest NIK plug-ins use the GPU, but I will check.


      Would any of these thing make a noticeable performance boost?


      Thank you!