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    ASObject not converting through ASGateway

      I have an application that uses a modified version of the Cairngorm
      AppDelegate class. I've made it in such a way that any component can
      use it to call any method on any RemoteObject service (code follows).
      My problem is that, since the arguments for the service methods are
      passed in an ActionScript Array, they seem to be passed into the
      service method untyped. If I make a call to a service method that
      requires no arguments, it executes and returns whatever data is
      expected. However, if I make a call to a service method that requires
      one or more arguments, I get the following message:

      "Cannot invoke method. The expected argument types are
      (com.gearloop.domain.Category) but the supplied types were
      (flashgateway.io.ASObject) and converted to (null)."

      I know that the argument I passed is of type
      (com.gearloop.domain.Category), but I may have problems with the
      arguments Array passed to my Delegate class. Does somebody have some
      experience with this?