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    Photoshop Touch seems corrupted on ICS Motorola XYBOARD 8.2: Bad Screen Flicker

    markgouldsf Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      I've checked all the other Adobe apps after receiving a new tablet after a theft and reinstalling all my apps. Photoshop Touch, updated in Sept. 2012, which I've uninstalled and reinstalled again, acts very strange; as soon as you try and load a project or import a file from a local folder the screen starts flickering badly and you basically are unable to choose a file from either the local disk, Creative Cloud, Google, etc. If you start a new project the flicker does go away, but if you try again to import an image, the same thing happens, which basically, for now at least, renders Photoshop Touch for me at least, unusable.


      I was kind of expecting to see other people posting about this but haven't seen it which might indicate it's specific to this tablet, which would be really sad.


      Anyway, if someone could comment on whether they've heard of this elsewhere or not, and if so, whether there might be a potential fix at some point, I'd appreciate it. Again my other Touch apps, Ideas, Kuler and Collage have no problems like this.