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    Error in uploading images on any website after editing in photoshop

    Ravalnath- Joshi

      For the past one year I have been regularly editing my photographs in photoshop (CS5 and CS3) and uploading them on my blog and my fb page.


      However since the past 45 days I edited 5 albums in photoshop but have not been able to upload a single photo on fb or on any other page. I moved browsers trying chrome, fire fox and even IE but nothing helped. I then formatted my laptop and reinstalled CS5 only to know that too was not  helpful.


      I tried editing some photos in basic picassa and that worked well and was able to upload fotos on fb and my blog.


      I then tried uploading some old photos (edited in photoshop) and they are getting uploaded.


      So I am sure this is a recent problem with photoshop. Is any body there facing a similar problem? Does any one has a solution for this unique query?


      Please help and oblige.