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    Backward compatibility with Flex 3

    igor1986 Level 1

      Hi dear adobe team and communtiy! I've a big Flex 3.6.0 - based project.

      Now when Flash Player 11.5 and AIR 3.5 is out, i want to add error reporting capabilities for release version to my project, as now it is possible with AIR 3.5.

      In AIR 3.5 release notes i found following instructions:


      >> To use the new Flash Player, you will need to target SWF version 18 by passing in an extra compiler argument to the Flex compiler:

      >> -swf-version=18. Directions are below. If you are using the Adobe Flex SDK


      Ok, but Flex 3 not recognize -swf-version=18 parameter.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Igor.