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    Fireworks CS6 - crashes all the time



      I have used adobes whole rage of products for years.

      Last 2 years I've starded using fireworks cs5 and now cs6 on Mac.

      We use it at work for weblayout wireframeing templating... really good program doing those kind of stuff.

      But I never really could settle with Fireworks 100%.. because it craches at least 3-5 times a day for totally different reasons.

      Mostly when klicking around in the UI.

      I've noticed many of the UI in Fireworks is built with flash, performance is not even close compared to Photoshop.

      Is it flash that makes Fireworks crash?

      Hey Adobe and all the other users!

      Are you experience the same problems? Photoshop is a excelent product and a true quality pice of program, but what happned with fireworks.

      The great adobe feeling of a robust secure program is gone.

      This makes Fireworks TOTALLY useless! It been around for years but Adobe doesnt seem to take notice in the thousads of people complainig.


      Im sorry if I sound a little angry and negative but I really belive Adobe can do better than this.



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          Just crashed on me again. Do I really need to put a timer next to my desk to remind me to save work every 10 minutes? This is rediculous.

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            Agreed! My agency is using it as the main workhorse layout app for visual web design. Its great for so many reasons: vector handeling, master pages etc, but darn does this thing crash for no reason and leaks RAM.


            And why does that darn Fireworks recovered files always have 0k — thanks for nothing!

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              Yep. Same sentiments. Fireworks is great in concept, and worked great under the Macromedia umbrella. For me, it's not app crashes but failing to save a file. Backing up whatever change I made that prevented it from saving doesn't fix it. At some point, something will happen, and the file will not save.


              Sometimes, if you close (losing your changes), then re-open the file, Fireworks will tell you it can't open it and it's not a known type of file.


              Fun times.

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                You can enable auto-save in your fireworks preferences file.

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                  artythesmarty Level 1

                  Thanks so much! The auto-save is definitely helpful.

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                    growing Level 1

                    You're welcome!  Just note that this isn't foolproof..  make sure to save a new file immediately, because it won't save a previously unsaved file.  And the default save time of 5 minutes works really well for me.

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                      Visualsapien Level 1

                      case in point:


                      I like the option to auto save, I'd just prefer it if the saved file opened instead of this rather usesless errorScreen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.53.15 PM.png


                      (but they do howvere make great reference files for when the application last quited out (insert sly ironic grin here)

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                        Adobe seems to be getting rid of Fireworks by letting it bleed to death. They never wanted Fireworks in the first place. They want us to just use Photoshop. Adobe bought Macromedia only for Flash and Dreamweaver. They handed Fireworks over to some small Indian development team with minimum funding and don't even bother to set any quality standards. It would be a bad decision to just bluntly pull the plug on Fireworks because the vast and loyal usergroup so they just bully us over tot Photoshop.

                        It's also not an option to sell Fireworks because it would be competition.


                        So eventually they did what I feared they would do after they bought Macromedia. They killed Fireworks but they're doing it slowly, sneaky and painfully.

                        I wish some smart, caring developer would make an alternative for Fireworks. Taking all it's top features (pages, symbols, shared libraries, vector editing, etc.) and build a modern tool specally for designing large, multi device webservices. These people would be my gods.

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                          Sang Dang

                          Please let me know if you guy find out any thing better Firework. I will jump right away! Thank you.

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                            I recently acquired the free 30 day trial of Sketch and it doesn't seem to do anything I like in Fireworks.  As a matter of fact, I tried to open a .png file in Sketch and got nothing but the outer frame of the image.  A simple thing I love about Fireworks is Modify>canvas>trim canvas .. BAM it's done.  I do not build websites in Fireworks.  I use Muse.  But there are things about Fireworks that Photoshop just doesn't have.  Sketch doesn't seem to be a good replacement at all.  It seems like it is more like Illustrator or the old Freehand.

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                              fiddlesticks411 Level 1

                              I'll weigh in here. I've been a Fireworks user since before Fireworks 8 and MX and all of those Macromedia versions. Currently a Fireworks CS6 user, I use it every single day for multiple projects. I finally came to the conclusion that Adobe doesn't care about Fireworks and is only keeping it going to appease all of us stuck in Adobe Monthly-Fee Wasteland.


                              SO... had to find an alternative named something other than Illustrator. Found Affinity Designer. It's the real deal. I've been using it for a while, but yesterday (literally) I decided to officially start using it for all projects going forward. I think it's the best thing out there. I like it better than Illustrator. I have thousands (yes, thousands) of Fireworks fw.png files, so I experimented with opening a few in Affinity Designer. If you open a Fireworks file, then Save-As a PSD file, choosing Options "Maintain Editability over Appearance," the files actually open up pretty well in Affinity Designer. So much so that I actually smiled and let out a sigh of relief.


                              There are a few things I miss from Fireworks, but honestly there are some really cool features that are better than Fireworks. For me, it's better than Illustrator, and it's one step closer to being free from the Adobe Monthly-Fee Wasteland. Highly recommended.


                              Oh, um, but yeah, you've gotta have a Mac, unfortunately.

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                                Lyndaaaaaaa Level 1

                                Thanks!  Certainly looks worth trying for $39.  Just looking at the site, it looks like a combination of Fireworks, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

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                                  fiddlesticks411 Level 1

                                  Yes, it's a bit of a hybrid. And that's just it, it's $40 or $50. They also have Affinity Photo. Not quite as up-to-par with Adobe Photoshop, but it's just been released and they are very good at updates. Next year (end of 2016) they will release (beta) Affinity Publisher, which will hopefully rival InDesign.


                                  Oh, forgot to mention, you have to ungroup text in order to be able to edit it in Affinity Designer. So it's definitely not a perfect import of Fireworks files, but it definitely will save me some time.

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                                    Lyndaaaaaaa Level 1

                                    Does it make a difference if I just saved things as .png instead of fw.png?  Thankfully, I switched to Muse about a year and a half ago.  With all of the font options, I haven't used Fireworks as much for "headers" etc.!

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                                      fiddlesticks411 Level 1

                                      No, it just helps differentiate between an exported png (or other png from colleagues, downloaded, etc.) and a Fireworks editable file. Because Fireworks in png based, it saves files as pngs, which can get confusing if you're also exporting a finished graphic as a png for use on a webpage, etc.