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    Adding an effect to a TextInput Control

    JMac56abcd Level 1

      Is there any way to show the text in a TextInput control as though it was being typed in by a user? I have a TextInput defined as follows:


      <mx:TextInput id="message2Input"

              width="100%" height="40"

              text="Type Message Here..."





      I can change the string value for message2Input.text elsewhere in my mxml application. When I do, that text will be displayed in the control. But it gets displayed in its entirety, instantly. I need to have it displayed as if it was typed for reasons related to a customer demo. So if the string is "Dexter, a very interesting guy", I want it to appear incrementally as






      etc etc.


      I don't seem to find any control effects for TextInput that allow this when I search the discussion forums. Does anyone have an example where they have done this programmatically? I tried changing message2Input.text within a for loop, "growing" the display text with each loop until the entire string has been "typed in". But I still only see the final complete text string. I suspect this is because the TextInput control only handles one event, and won't loop through a series of re-posts in an event handler. But I'm new to this, and only guessing here.


      This is the private function in my Flex mxml app that I use to post the message to the TextInput display:


      protected function _insert_chat_item_0(): void


                  // this sets the delay to display of the next IM item in the sequence...      

                  aoTimers.push(setTimeout(_insert_chat_item_1, 2000));


                  // this sets the text that appears in the "I'm typing text" window...

                  // TODO: can we make this appear like it is being typed? Have tried everything, with no luck

                  message2Input.text = "Dexter, a very interesting guy";


              } // _insert_chat_item_0 for demo: Tom types in his initial message to John


      Thanks very much.