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    Track Cursor position


      Hey there,


      is there a quick possibility to show the cursors track / movement position in After effects?


      I'd just like to show the way via drawing a line behind the mouse movement...


      Thanks for support!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          You can create a motion path using the Motion Sketch animation tool.  Seach for it on this page.

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            _snickers Level 1

            Good idea


            But I want the path actually follow the cursor of a screen capture, so you can consider

            it as a kind of object.


            Do you know what I mean?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're talking about a screen capture most, like Camtasia and Screen Flow have "show cursor" as an option. Check your documentation.

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                _snickers Level 1

                I am sorry there is a little misunderstanding.


                Thus I made a little picture to show what I exactly mean. I already have a screen capture and just want to make the path of the (captured) cursor visible like shown in the picture. It is a kind of analysis about the cursors movement. Just to visualize where it moves...


                So I need something like a motion tracker, to track the cursor.


                Can someone explain me how to do it?


                Thanks a lot



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                  Dave LaRonde Level 7

                  AE's built-in Motion Tracker might work well for this.  Once you have the track, you can apply it to a mask path on a solid that's the precise same size as the screen capture and apply Stroke.

                  To accommodate speed changes, you'll have to tweak the keyframes a lot.

                  That will put the line ON TOP of the cursor.  To put it under the cursor, you'll have to duplicate the screen capture layer, make a same-size solid as before, make a cursor-shaped mask, apply the track to it as before, and use this solid as a track matte for the duplicated layer..