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    Required Field - Correct Format and Content


      I have a form with a field in which the user is required to enter a phone number. I want to assign validation so that they are prompted when they enter an incorrect input and can’t proceed until after they’ve entered a seven to ten digit number (as in a phone number). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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          KhushwantSingh Employee Moderator

          In the LiveCycle Designer, you can use a phone number field.

          To add the Phone Number field and validation:

          1. Open your form in LiveCycle Designer.
          2. Click Insert -> Custom-> Phone Number. You can choose UK or North America
          3. In the field tab of the properties window, specify the Max Chars for the phone number.
          4. Click patterns. In the validation tab, select type and click apply.
          5. In the value tab, specify custom messages.

          You should be able to add the validation.  Let me know your thoughts.