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    Warp Stabilizer Cripples My Computer

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Just want to know if it's normal for the system to lock up if I apply warp stabilizer. It uses about 20-26 GB RAM out of the 32 GB installed. The clips are pretty long , though - 20 minutes or so. Obviously, it handles shorter clips without locking up. But I can't do much better than 32 GB of RAM. It doesn't really crash the computer (not yet). Eventually it does it's thing, but it does freeze Premiere for periods of time.


      I am experimenting with different parameter settings to several clips. I assumed that once the clip is analyzed, I could preview different parameters without having to re-analyze.


      CS6, Windows 7, i7-2600 3.4 GHz CPU, GTX580 Amp! Video card.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Warp Stabilizer is EXTREMELY taxing on any system, and your 4 cores at stock speed may well be the bottleneck with longer scenes.

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            Trying to stabilise a clip as long as 20 minutes is inevitably going to take an enormous length of time, unless there is very little movement within the frames.  It is not likely to lead to an acceptable result as the movement that is present will probably mean the excessive zoom is applied to stabilise it.


            Stabilisation really only works with short clips, ideally with little movement apart from the jitter that is  to be removed.  Otherwise there is simply too much processing required.


            If you persist, you will discover the other problem with the warp stabiliser - it rapidly generates enormous project files leading to Premiere slowing to a crawl.  I hate to think what will happen here with stabilised 20 minute clips.


            I rarely attempt to stabilise a clip longer than 20 seconds - ideally less than 10 secends - and have long since abandoned the Warp stabiliser even though it gives good results on certain types of clip.  I stick to Mercalli 2.

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              alexdejesus Level 1

              Makes sense to me. I was just trying test my limits. It does work really well on shorter clips. Project file grew to 470 Mb!