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    Edge Animate 1.0 and external css


      Hello and Happy Friday All,


      I'm having issues getting an external css to work inside my Edge Animate project.


      I'm importing the css like so on the compositionReady area of the stage actions:


      $("<link/>",{"rel":"stylesheet", "type":"text/css", "href":"mmt_stylesheet.css" }).appendTo("#Stage");



      My css is in the same directory as the rest of my edge files.



      In my css file I have things written like so:


      #Stage_#testing {
        font-color: rgba (255,255,255,0.6)!important;

      #Stage_#testing2 {
      background-color: #0F0 !important;
      width: 600px !important;




      In my edge file I have one text file on the stage with the instant name of testing and a symbol of a simple rectangle with the instant name of testing2.


      I am not seeing any styling when I previw the edge project. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks