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    INDD CS5.5: Text is shifting in table cells


      I have a large table (36 rows, 17 columns). The content is prices, right-aligned, two decimal places.

      When I export as a PDF, the numbers slowly shift, moving top to bottom, either to the left or right (this happens on many (but not all) different pages), for 20-25 rows, at which point the positioning is corrected. Total deviation from row 1 until the correction varies, from 0.0067 inches to 0.0109 inches.

      This happens only when exporting a PDF from InDesign (CS5.5). If I print from the .indd the problem is not there. If I print a .ps and use Distiller, the resulting PDF is fine.

      All cells have the same settings as far as padding, tabs, type size.

      I'll post this in the Acrobat forums as well.