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    Remove borrowed ebooks from ADE

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      The main screen of Adobe Digital Editions shows images of a bunch of books which were once borrowed from the public library. Most of them have a red band across the top which shows the ebook has expired.


      Right-click on an ebook borrowed from the public library shows an option to Return Borrowed Item.

      For me this produces an error, as follows:


      "Error returning item. Server Communication Problem:



      How do I get rid of the images for expired books from my ADE Bookshelf?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          This question came up earlier this week.  It's curious to me that the forum

          gets a series of posts on one subject more or less at the same time.


          You can search the forum for the earlier post and its response, so you can

          get the details of what the other person(s) experienced.


          You can not delete ebooks en mass.  You have to delete the ebooks manually,

          using ADE's utility functions.  Hover your cursor over the small arrow next

          to the ebook's entry in Library mode.  A drop-down menu will appear, and

          one of the choices is to delete the ebook.



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            I borrow books from libraries and buy books in Holland. All my books are in All items". A lot of books are in there two or three times because I have just bought my ereader and I was finding out how it works. Now I have a lot of eboks from the library but also bought books. If I try to remove any of them it says that it will be deleted from the bookshelf but not from the "besturingssysteem"= operating system. I tried the above, but I do not see a small arrow appear net to the ebooks entry in äll items"

            Can anybody help?