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    Export preset saved on computer?

    Calvin Gaunce Level 1

      I recently upgraded from a MacBook Pro to a Mac Pro tower.  I had a few export presets saved on the MacBook that I can't seem to get back to on the tower.  After Effects was uninstalled on the MacBook and installed on the tower, and now someone else at the company uses the MacBook. 


      If I reinstalled After Effects on the MacBook, would my old presets still be on there?  I assume that the presets would go away when After Effects was uninstalled, but I thought I would ask just in case. 




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depends on the presets. If you mean Animation Presets then they are stored in Documents>Adobe under your user name unless you've put them somewhere else. If you mean Output Module presets or Preferences then they are stored elsewhere. The preferences are easy to find. A link is at the bottom of the Preferences Main panel. I can't remember where output module and render settings are stored right now.

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            Calvin Gaunce Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Rick.

            I found out that the output module presets are saved in the After Effects preferences file, but am not sure how to find them in the file. 


            I think I found the right section...


            ["Output Module Preference Section v24"]

                      "Default OM Index" = "7"

                      "Output Module List  v24" = 00D00BEE000000000000001600000016000002C4000000010000001600000016000000000000000000\

                                000000000000000000000000040001"AIFF 48kHz"00000000000000000000000000000000000000\..................


            That continues with a lot of 0's, 1's and letters that I'm not sure how to interpret.  Throughout all of that language, I can see, "h.264," "flv," "mpeg," and other settings I recognize.  Should I be able to find my output module presets in there?  I searched the document with words in my preset names but didn't see anything. 

            Thanks for any help,