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    Camera Flash Simulation

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have a live performance that i want to make feel more active. So i wanted to try to make it look like people were taking pictures during the performance.


      I tried to overlay a 60% opacity duplicate of the video that was lightened and use that as a way to create the flash but boy does it look cheesy. The keyframes over 4 frames starts at 100 and fades to 0. CHEEEEZYY:-o The blacks in the flash look too washed to be believeable.


      I have Ae cs5&6 with most of redgiants plugins (2years old).


      What you suggest as the best way to accomplis a realistic flashing of cameras?


      perormance shot.png

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Duplicate the layer and set the duplicate's in and out points for one frame only.  Roto out the subject and adjust the Levels effect on the duplicated layer.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Cutting to then fading out of a white solid layer placed above your image  will also work . After the cut immediately do a 5 frame opacity fade. Quick, easy and it looks great. This flash layer can be quickly duplicated and used on other shots as well.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Without 3rd party plug-ins the best way to do this is to roto about 5 or 6 frames of your foreground object, feather the mask, blur the layer, tint the layer bluish then set the blend mode to Add. Now put a black solid below the masked layer add lens flair. Add a white solid above set to screen or add. Animate transparency and if you would like the mask feather. There you go. A nice flash simulation. The white solid provides a few frames of illumination for the entire scene, the duplicated and blurred layer gives you added illumination to the foreground, the lens flair helps sell the effect. EZ as pie.



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                preditorj40153117 Level 1

                Thanks for your help.


                For this particular scene i used Daves technique because of the venue it was shot. However, I did also use the lens flare behind the subject as suggested by rick to effect the wall by blending it into the video which made the flash have a subtile effect of direction. VERY LOW opacity.

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                  preditorj40153117 Level 1

                  I removed the lens flare and added a wall shaddow and it look better in the context of the video. The saturation/ burned color worked well i will post a link to the final when i am done later tonight.


                  This is what it looks like when the flash takes place. I may add glow too.


                  flash remix.png


                  There is one other thing. The SEQ is not updating these changes in the changes. The project assets are but not the SEQ. So, i have to drag it to the SEQ for every change. WIERDNESS.

                  I lower the opacity on the shadow you see.