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    Strange problem with image scaling when placed


      I'm currently running InDesign CS6 from the Creative Cloud, and it's version 8.0. I have a PC and am running Windows 8.


      I am experiencing a really odd problem when placing images, and it only recently (within the last two weeks perhaps?) has developed. I do ebook production for a publisher. I have an InDesign template (INDD file really, but "blank" and ready to be filled in, and as such I refer to it as a "template") that I use, and the cover for the book goes on the first page. The document is set to pixels as the ruler measurement, and the pages are 650 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. The margins are all set at zero. The cover images are sent to me as JPEGs and always have the same size: 72dpi setting and 500 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall. This is chosen to be about the size of the full screen on most ereaders, or close enough to be so.


      So when working on a new book, I put my cursor in the blank line that is set up to take the cover as an inline image. I do control-D to place, select the file, and hit enter. This SHOULD place an image at that location that is 500 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall when looking at the InDesign page rulers. Instead, InDesign insists on placing this image at 50% scaling, so that it is only 250 pixels wide by 375 pixels tall. And in the link info panel, it shows the actual PPI as 72 and the effective PPI as 144. It does this no matter how many preference changes I try (including the ones under file handling and the import setting options).


      The strangest part is that if the file is just a tiny bit different than 500x750 @72dpi, then there is no problem. For example, if I open the JPEG in Photoshop and change the image settings to 500x750 @73dpi, then InDesign places it at 100% scale like I want. If I change the image to 499x749 @72dpi it also gets placed in InDesign at 100% scaling. I've tried this with various new INDD documents with settings in pixels, inches, or picas as the ruler amounts, and with different page or margin sizes (just in case the problem is with my template). I get the same result no matter what.


      It appears that InDesign somehow thinks that any image that is exactly 500x750 @72dpi should be scaled at 50% when placing it into an InDesign file. Has anyone else run across this? Is it a bug or something I'm doing wrong? I've been doing this exact procedure for over a year, first with CS5 and now CS6, and I've never had this happen until just recently. I suppose it COULD be an accidental change in settings or preferences. But if it is, I cannot figure out how to change it back.


      UPDATE: I installed the 8.0.1 update and it did not resolve the issue. I also tried more image options. It looks like this scaling to 50% upon placing ONLY happens when all three attributes match this: 500x750@72dpi. All of the following modifications to the exact same image placed in the exact same spot in the exact same document resolved the issue:








      But of course, I don't want to have to modify every cover image I'm sent in order to prevent this scaling issue.