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      I've been attempting to access the site freeriatools.adobe.com for over two weeks in order to register for free non-commercial use copies of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 Standard. Adobe phone support has provided zero assistance with the issue and even went as far as to tell me that my issue would be much easier to troubleshoot if I had an Adobe support contract. My question is a simple one: does Adobe still offer the free non-commercial licenses?  If the answer is yes, how do I submit an application if the site is down? Has anyone else had this issue?



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          Yes I am having the same problem.


          Has Adobe cancelled this without telling anyone?


          It is all very strange

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            I tried to contact Adobe via Chat and the representative told me that I have to call them because she was not triained to report this kind of issues. So, I called, and waited for around 40 minutes. Being cut off eventually. I didn't see their email address for support, so this is almost my last hope to get their attention knowing that their website https://freeriatools.adobe.com/ is currently down. If Adobe has the intention to stop providing tools for my class teaching, it would be nice to at least notify us somewhere.

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              james.macdonald Level 1

              Yes I tried chat as well and they were basically no use. It may be time to start looking at other developer tools to teach my students.

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                mavetx Level 1

                Getting up early, so I called Adobe to ask again and finally get some response. In short, they took the site away and they are no longer free for education.


                I have used Flash Builder, ColdFusion Builder, and ColdFusion server (since MX7) in our school from this website. Since Adobe provided free tools, our students are more productive in developing new ideas and have better understanding of the whole picture of web programming. It is unfortunate that Adobe thinks removing these free development tools can make them more money. Like James suggested, I am going back to teach PHP next semester, though ColdFusion 10 provides HTML5 capabilities.

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                  rhoward.ecu Level 1

                  At least we finally have some new information from Adobe, although it look like we are all screwed. With the demise of Design View in Flash Builder 4.7 it's just all disappointing on the Flash/Flex front these days. Thanks, guys!

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                    james.macdonald Level 1

                    I get the impression Adobe have given up on Flash now which is annoying but it is probably time to move on to more modern and open technologies anyway.

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                      quecocinohoy Level 1

                      It's amazing, no technology will triumph closed for students. Microsoft gives student licenses for all products ... Adobe good luck...

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                        The program to offer complimentary copies of Flash Builder Standard to students, faculty and staff is discontinued.  You can subscribe to a free subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud to access Adobe Scout, a new profiling and optimization tool for Flash and AIR content;  Adobe Gaming SDK, a complete collection of frameworks and code samples;  Flash C++ Compiler , cross compile C/C++ games to run your game in Flash Player; 2 GB of file storage;  and trial versions of Flash Builder and other Adobe tools .  Learn more at: http://gaming.adobe.com/getstarted/


                        Question:   Why was this program discontinued?

                        Answer:   This program was created to encourage the use of Flash Builder for the building of RIAs (rich internet applications).   Since Adobe is no longer targeting Flash Builder for RIA development this program is obsolete.


                        Question:  I build games so why can¹t Adobe provide these tools to students, faculty and staff for game development?

                        Answer:  Adobe recently announced a new set of game development tools available for free  through the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Adobe game development tools includes Adobe Scout, Adobe Gaming SDK, Flash C++ Compiler, 2 GB of file storage and access to trials versions of Flash Builder and other Adobe tools.