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    dividing fields to equal percent

    kharris85 Level 1

      I am getting an error message with the script I'm using to divide 2 fields to equal a percent. Everything actually works correctly, it's just when I reset the field I get "The value entered does not match format of the field." For example, I have a script in "text3" field that says:


      v1 = this.getField("text1").value;
      v2 = this.getField("text2").value;

      event.value = v1 / v2;


      But I have the format of this field as a Percentage because that's the only way I can get it to display correctly, I think this is causing the error though. Once I start putting numbers in "text1" and "text2" it divides and displays the correct amount, it only gives the error when text3 field is blank or when I reset all fields. Instead of using Adobe's format to select Percentage, can I somehow put in the script I already have to make this field a percent?


      Thank you in advance for your help!