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    Poor image quality (new user)




      I’ve used Photoshop a few times but this is my first time using InDesign so please be kind & thorough.


      I’m trying to place an image onto an A5 background. I draw the fame, go to file, select place and then select my image (ok quality, 72dpi)


      I place the image into the frame, but the image is too large (not pixelated) yet when I select ‘fit frame proportionately’ the image is scaled down and becomes pixelated.


      I’ve searched this forum and tried a few things other users have suggested including - http://blog.rockymountaintraining.com/?p=1799


      Below are two screenshots of before the image has been fitted to the frame, and one after.




      After I have selected fit to frame:




      I’ve tried a few different pictures and they all have the same problem when I’m fitting it to the frame, so I think it is something that I am doing wrong (as opposed to something being wrong with the picture)


      Any advice / help would be really appreciated.