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    Poster Image Issues, need help

    KlUMZeE_Jeff Level 1



      When I originally began my project in Preview 6 I created a static version of my site using the down-level stages for older browsers. It worked well because I was able to create links to the various pages by placing PNGs to be used as links on top of the poster image. Now, I'm having to update the poster images because some things have changed on the site and suddenly the PNGs on top of the poster image are not clickable. It doesn't matter if I have a url attached to the poster image itself or not, I'm unable to click on the links that would take me around the rest of the website. Is there some issue I'm not aware of? The pages were working fine until I updated the poster image and now nothing works in IE9 when it's in compatibility mode, which it is by default. I really need this to work, otherwise anyone using older browsers won't be able to navigate my site at all. If anyone has an answer, please let me know.


      I created a Dropbox account and uploaded the Home Page folder there. Hopefully this will give you access to the files. You should be able to see the links by going into the down-level stage.




      I posted this before, but no one has gotten back to me yet. If anyone can help me figure this out I'd really appreciate it. I'm very frustrated with this and I was planning to launch this site next week, but only if the down-level stages are working.





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          According to your project file, your links point to subfolders (example: /AboutUs/index.html), if this is the case then these directives need to exist on your server. In this example for the About us link, there needs to be an /AboutUs/ folder off your root and an index.html file inside this folder.


          Is this the case? Your project file shows no subfolders or files in them for the project links to work or be be functional, so I am not sure what the intended goal is.


          Aside from the above, other issues exist:

          - your project index.html file has an extra body tag, that should not be there (example: <body style="margin:0;padding:0;"> )

          - you should also consider simplifying/ optimizing your images.







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            Here's a link to the entire project if that helps. I just want to be able to link from page to page using the down-level stage for people with older browsers or IE9, since it defaults to compatibility mode and won't show the animations. I just don't understand why it's not working all of a sudden. Let me know if you have any ideas.


            Thank you,



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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Jeff, none of your links are relative to the location they reside in!


              Example, on the root of your project to click the Stage Rectangle to go to the /Home Page location you have


                     window.open("/Home Page/index.html", "_self");


              when it should be


                     window.open("Home Page/index.html", "_self");

                     // remove the forward slash


              For references on the links within sub folders you need to step back to the root, and then traverse to the appropriate folder


              Example in the /Home Page project folder, for the links, About Us for example, you have


                    window.open("/About Us/index.html", "_self");


              when it should be


                   window.open("../About Us/index.html", "_self");


              You need to simply cross-check your link references and brush up on relative linking.

              Some assistance here - http://www.motive.co.nz/glossary/linking.php