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      I have a calendar set up for a client. Some months have two dates in one cell with a diagonal line. I was asked to make the diagonal line half as long but still in the center of the cell. Is there a way to do this, but keep it in the cell? I thought of a stroke style, but have little experience doing that. Any thoughts?



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          Half as long but still in the center? .. (I would insert an image here but apparently It Is Not Allowed Using Safari. .. Not that many people using Macs, eh?)


          Try this:

          let a = your column width

          let b = your row height


          Create a new Dash stroke style; the pattern length should be sqrt(a² + b²). Drag out the dash marker to half. Make sure "Adjust Corners" is set to None, 'cause else InDesign will attempt to draw two segments.


          (I actually tried to make the dash just appear in "the center" of the pattern, but you have to start with a filled segment. So I did the inverse and tried Line in Paper Color, Gap in Black; but then I got an ugly outlined line. .. Again, sorry, no image today.)

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            Dont give up so quick, Jongware


            It is working your way:


            Custom diagonal line:



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              I can't thank you enough for you help. I had to play around a bit to see the right direction, but it works beautifully!