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    AME fails to encode clips

    Wild Dog Road Photography

      I recently upgraded to CS6 Production Premium.  I edit multiple clips in a APP project and export (queue) them to AME.  Since I have upgraded about half the time the clip fails to encode.  The error is usually like

      - Encoding Time 00:00:15 (range 15 to 57 seconds)

      Error compiling movie.  Unknown error.


      I never saw this problem in CS5 doing the same kind of projects.


      I work on a Dell XPS8300 With Win 7-64.  16GB memory.  NVIDA Graphics Processor  Project files all on a USB3 external drive.

      Original footage 1080p-30 .mov and .mts +.wav audio files

      Output h.264 720p-30 Vimeo HD preset