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    Can Premiere tell me which codec my file uses?

    DLpres2 Level 1

      I've been testing PPro CS6 for a few days, and love a lot of what I see. PPro plays anything I throw at it, and it has a gazillion metadata fields, which has great potential (even if some of that potential is to confuse you when you've forgot which of the hundreds of fields you used). However:


      For most files, including RED footage and Quicktime, there is no codec information. "Compression" and "Format" fields are all blank. Even the Info tab just says "type: Movie". This happens with MOV's in H.264 and ProRes, R3D, and more.


      I know that Premiere wants me not to care about what kind of video I'm working with, but I do care. Also, it helps when preparing edits to go to other applications and systems.


      Is it just a problem with my system? Is it something I'm missing?