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    3D trouble Rednering AECS5


      Sorry guys you probably get this allot and im still new to After effects 3D.

      anyway im trying to render an into for After effects yet the render is much diffrent than what my active camera looked like.

      I figured out then when i turned off draft 3d it made the entire project look diffrently. but i wanted to render what it looked like before turning it off.

      Any help would be super great.





      The last one is what i want it to look liek so yeah :L thanks for your help

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot render with Draft 3D. It is what it implies - a simplified 3D renderer for previewing things faster in the comp. The long and short version of it is, that you are using some feature that breaks 3D rendering at full quality. What exactly is breaking your stuff is not realyl possible to deduct based on your images, but it could be your particles adjustment layer or layer styles applied to one of your other layers. anyway, without restructuring your comp things simply won't work.



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            koolwrench Level 1

            thanks for the feedback. i just went back and reconstructed it all without draft 3d on from start to finish.