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    How do you remove lines on a form?

    WCarp Level 1

      I scanned in a form using Acrobat 11 Pro on Windows and would like to remove some horizontal rather widely spaced black lines that were ment to be written on. I can find no way to do it yet. I would like to have the area clear of lines so text can be entered in the area at a different line spacing for the area originally designed to be filled in by hand.


      I tried various things but it seems like the program doesn't recognize the lines as images or objects.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can use the readaction tool: Tools > Protection > Mark for Redaction


          and then apply the redaction(s): Tools > Protection > Apply Redactions


          It might default to a black redaction area, but you can change this to transparent or white: Tools > Protection > Redaction Properties > Redacted Area Fill Color

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            WCarp Level 1

            I used the Redaction tool to remove most of the lines but I cannot remove the line after a word on the left side of the page for some reason. I ended up with a red box which won't go away. So far, I haven't found any way to undo this for some reason. Control Z and Undo and Redo does nothing. I have not applied the redaction to this area yet.


            Now, I have a red box with a slow moving blue hash like thing covering the red line area of the rectangular box. I would appreciate some additional help on this.



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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Whenever you do redactions, be sure to have a backup copy of the document so you don't accidentally overwrite the original. Since you have a backup, you can go ahead and apply the redactions and see what happens.

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                WCarp Level 1

                Thanks. Acrobat didn't let me redact the line on the page, so I started all over and after deleting the word to the left of the line (which I didn't want to have to do), I was able to finally delete the line on the right of the word. I was able to add the word I had to delete. The trouble is now, I haven't found a font that matches the original font exactly.


                I was wondering why Acobat 11 Pro didn't let me just delete the line. Also, an issue is that once an area is marked for redaction, like I mentioned above, there appears to be no way to simply undo it using Control-Z, and Undo. Is there a simple way to do this?


                To me, even with the latest version of Acrobat Pro, dealing with forms is rather frustrating. I've also had problems with text sizing on a simple scanned in form.


                To get this all figured out, I think I about need to take class on how to use Acrobat 11 Pro.



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                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure why you can't undo it. I can on my system. You should be able to use the Select Object tool (Tools > Interactive Objects > Select Object) to select the redaction annotation and delete it. As you why you can't remove the line, I'd have to look at the document to see what can be done.


                  If you have an image editor such as Photoshop available, you can try editing the image there. Acrobat 11 now lets you use something other than Photoshop (even MS Paint) when editing images (Edit > Preferences > Content Editing > Image Editor). With the Tools > Content Editing > Edit Text & Images tool selected, right-click and select "Edit using".

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                    WCarp Level 1

                    I tried using the Select Object Tool as you said and it worked! The thing is, it's not what a person would normally do unless they apparently knew a lot about Acrobat since the usual way to undo something on a Windows computer is to use Control-Z or Undo--or hit Delete. Using any of these what I call normal ways to undo something doesn't work with the Redaction function and is not intuitive for me.


                    Another interesting thing that happened during my last test using the Redaction tool, is that an area some distance away--maybe three inches or so on the page from where I selected the area for redaction became highlighted also. Using the Select Object Tool, I was able to remove both highlighted areas though.


                    As for not being able to remove the line without removing the word first to the left of the line, and the strange operation where an area some distance away gets selected for redaction, I guess I will need to call Adobe's Support.



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                      Bill@VT Level 7

                      Another alternative would have been to OCR the document and work with it as a regular document with text, not a graphic. For the graphic scan, the simplest modification is in a graphics editor as already suggested, not in Acrobat. Acrobat was never designed for editing and it seems you are expecting it to do such for you.

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                        WCarp Level 1

                        Thank you for the additional info.


                        I just wanted to comment that Acrobat 11 Pro does have quite a few editing features under Tools--some in Content Editing; under Pages, it has Edit Page Design; under Forms, it has Edit, and as I was just working with, it has Redaction options. This is nice.


                        Since Adobe programmers have these options available in the program, I naturally  expect the features to work properly--especially with a document made by the same version of Acrobat I'm using. If a feature isn't supposed to be used in a certain situation, it would be helpful if something would pop up and say so or the feature be made unavailable. It just seems that there is a bug I've found using the Mark for Redaction feature.

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                          Bilal Ansari Adobe Employee


                          What I gathered from the original post is that you created a PDF (which was a printed form) using Acrobat's Create PDF from Scanner, which you want to edit now.

                          Did you scan it as an image or as plain text?

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                            WCarp Level 1

                            I scanned it in using the option--Black & White Document.