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    Dark to Transparent Gradient?

    Nerdy Otter

      Hi everyone!  I've had the hobby of graphic design for a while now.  Recently, I've been trying to recreate things like flyers and websites for entertainment.  Sadly, I've run into a slight problem.


      I'm currently trying to recreate a professional photobooth flyer.  I'm having trouble recreating the dark to transparent gradient in the footer.  Here's the original flyer: http://i.imgur.com/CMDbr.png.


      Whenever I try to recreate this effect, it ends up being very sudden and unappealing.  Here's an example (note that it is unfinished, leaving some areas white): http://i.imgur.com/ned6i.jpg


      Is there any better way of doing this gradient effect (or does it even need to be fixed, for that matter?).


      Any other suggestions about the flyer are welcome.  Thanks!