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    Photo Paper Size: Where is 4x6???


      I am using PS Elements, and I am an infrequent user. I am simply trying to print a 2"x3" image on a 4x6 photo paper, but PS Elements doesn't list the most common photo paper size (for your average user...) on it's drop down menue, under 'Paper Size'. It's enough to drive you nuts...

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          I use PSEv.8


          Print from the Editor

          Crop your picture to 2x3"


          Go to File>print. In the dialog:


          #3 Paper size>4x6" and 4x6" borderless are listed

          #4 Use individual print

          #5 Print size is an option available to you. If you crop before sending it to the printer, you will have absolute control. Note the "crop to fit" box.