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    Render Queue Question for After Effects CS5.5


      What is the best render settings for my laptop amd-300 apu with radeon hd graphics 1.30 GHz that has 2.00 GB Ram (1.60GB Usable?) It's also 64 bit.


      I am rendering some special effects with CC Mr. Mercury and CC Vector Blur. I tried using just the standard settings and it goes fine until it gets up to the CC Mr. Mercury and Vector Blur, then it slows the heck down and takes forever to finish.


      In the Render Queue what type of settings should I use to make it go faster and still make the effects look good?


      Thanks Adrian

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, what do you expect? Your computer is extremely weak in every department. It's a toaster with some silicon chips, nothing more. You barely have enough RAM to even run AE, which in itself is actually a miracle, given that 64bit operating systems already are quite greedy for themselves, and the main processor is something that equals a desktop processor 10 years ago. It is absolutely perfectly normal that on such a system even the simplest things will take forever and there is nothing you can do short of buying a much more powerful system.



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            Thunderwulf35 Level 1

            That was a very negative comment there Mylenium. Do you all talk like this to everyone who comes in here?


            Do you got $1200? I sure the heck don't given that I have bills to pay and don't have the money left over to dish out that kind of money and turn back around to whip out another $1000 to get another copy of After Effects online. Which I prefer buying things online anyways. On top of that I don't have enough to save now and days anymore.


            Oh yeah on that other remark about my computer being a miracle to run. You forget one thing "Minimum System Requirements," which it does run quite well without the CC graphics. 

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              We all have bills to pay. That's not the point. I just find it slightly irrational when people ask such questions. You can call me negative for it and perhaps I could have been a bit more careful in my choice of words, but that's just me. I don't change and I don't have the time for it. Take care.



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                FYI, I have a zillion year old MacBook (plastic computer - remember those) that meets the minimum system requirements of an Intel processor and 2GB ram. It's old and runs CS6 just fine as long as I just do the basics and keep the preview resolution down to about 1/4. I would not try and render production work on that system because it's not up to the task and I'd never expect it to be a production machine. I do use it often when I don't want to drag an expensive machine around with me on my travels.


                If you want a production machine you have to pay for it. I have a fully decked out new MBPro R that I use as my primary AE design machine but I still go to a desktop system for large projects that have to be produced on a deadline. If I were a hobbyist I'd live with what I could afford. Because I am a professional and I charge for my services I adjust my rates to pay for the gear that I need to do the job. It's simple economics. Most film makers I know have no idea of how to run a business. Most are starving most of the time. Only a few understand that doing what we talk about on this forum is either an expensive hobby or a business. If it's a business you have to learn how to run a business before you learn how to make a movie. If it's a hobby they you have to have the means to support it. It's no different than Skiing, biking, or building model airplanes. If you can't afford new gear you have to make do with what you've got.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Rick and Mylenium make some very good points.


                  See this page for resources about making After Effects work faster: http://adobe.ly/eV2zE7 . That page links to resources for making things more efficient to get the most out of low-powered hardware (as Rick suggests) as well as suggestions for optimum hardware.

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                    Thunderwulf35 Level 1

                    Thanks Todd. I am agreeing with Rick on this one. Me and him are on the same page regarding money and living situations.

                    Rick was just point out the facts to Mylenium that's all. Lol