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    Is there any way to make Cursors/Pointers more visible?

    Whirled Creative Level 1

      I have a large monitor set to high resolution and I have enabled Large Pointers and Cursors using the Windows 7 Mouse control panel. I don't have problems viewing the cursor or pointer in any apps except Photoshop and In Design. When I mouse over content, I can't located my insertion point or the pointer. I have to wiggle the mouse and hope to catch it by triangulating it's expected position based on the indicators on both rulers. It's really frustrating and I wondered if anyone knew of any way to modify the cursor/pointer styles in In Design and/or Photoshop. Maybe a plugin or something?


      I have tried custom Windows 7 cursors sets, but those options are get overriden by these apps. Any advice of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      I am running CS6 on a Windows 7 64bit machine.