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    How to play swf actionscript2 in Flash catalyst when press play button?



      Please solve my headach problem. I tired with googling for solve this cause but it's goes to knotch my hair.

      I am working on education project. I made a interface in catalyst and working on states which are done almost.

      Now I gave a button in every state which have game play button and the button link goes to play my swf specific game.

      The problem is that my Abc.swf game developed in as2 (actionscript 1&2). whenever catalyst not support as2 instead as3.

      When I export this project, it's run well but games attributes e.g. 10-5=5, 7+5=12 and enter for hit button not working where also my numeric digit not shown in required boxes. although, If I play my abc.swf game in stand alone flash player, it run well but after export i just see graphics not values and hit actions.

      I know this is because as2. catalyst run as3 made games not as2. but I want to play swf as2 game correctly in catalyst. can you help me plz. I have very short time to complete it by office. please help me how can I play my as2 swf in catalyst well.

      Bundle of thanx.test.jpg