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    Intermediate format avchd for faster editing (PE 8)



      I am still using Premiere Elements 8.

      The video's that I want to edit are in AVCHD format (1440x1080 50i, upper field first).

      I know that PE8 doesn't support AVCHD, so it will always need to do conversion (red lines), when I drop in the video's in the timeline. However this takes a long time and it always has to redo this when I edit something in the video. Also PE8 becomes very slow, when I have a lot of clips in my project.

      So, I am wondering if it would make the editing process faster, if I would first convert all video's to another format that is natively supported by PE8. My idea was to generate AVI DV Pal widescreen movies (I don't need HD format for my output).


      Is this the recommended way to do it?


      Then my next question is: the input movies do have the field type set to "upper first". But then for the output AVI I can also choose the field type. As far as I understand, it should be set the same way as the input movie (upper first). However, I tried to generate a short AVI with all 3 field type settings (upper,lower,progressive), but did not notice any difference in the output AVI.

      I checked all three AVI files with Media info and they all say:

      Scan type                            : Interlaced
      Scan order                           : Bottom Field First


      No matter which field type setting I choose for the output AVI, it's always Bottom Field First. So then I'm wondering I maybe should change the field order of the clips themself?

      Using (Clip->Video Options -> Field Options), it is possible to "Reverse Field Dominance" with the optionss for None, Interlace Consecutive Frames, Always Deinterlace and Flicker Removal.

      Would I have to reverse the field dominance before generating the AVI?


      Or should I rather stick with the "red lines" and be patient