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    Premiere Elements 11 Slow Motion: How good is it?


      Premiere Elements 11 has a number of new features, but none of them are of real interest to me except for the possibility of improved slow motion control.


      I would like to know the robustness of PE 11's slow motion. I have PE10 and, as doubtless other users are aware, slow motion achieved through dialing down the speed through time stretch is very limited. Currently, when I want to get something "really" slow (i.e. as good as you can get with PE 10) I have to export the clip, then import the result into the project, slow it down some more, export it again, import it again, etc.  Not a great workflow and not necessarily great results either.


      Does the PE 11 slow motion feature allow one to dramatically slow down a clip while maintaining some naturalness to the slowed movement? I wouldn't expect an effect along the lines of the Matrix but I would expect it to be avoiding the appearance of a herky jerky frame by frame rendition of a slowed down scene.


      Can anyone with experience using it give an opinion of slow motion in PE11, particulary in comparison with PE 10? I'd appreciate it.