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    InDesign Folio Builder Passwort Limitation




      please do NOT move this to the DPS Threads as it is a InDesign Software Question/Problem.  (only move it, if the programming folk doing the Folio Producer thing lives at DPS)

      I have already started a thread in DPS Forums how to overcome the problem with DPS.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4854578#4854578


      This is a InDesign Software Question/Issue


      InDesign CS6 Windows (sorry) Version does limit my DPS Password to 6-12 digits.

      16-11-2012 13-27-57.png


      InDesign/Folio Builder Version: current, all updates applied


      17-11-2012 10-44-26.jpg


      Unfortunately, I use a 13 digits password (Let me say this: on one hand i am forced to make my passwords longer and more complex all over the web and on the other hand sofwtare programmers limit the number of digits i can enter).


      The DPS server, in detail Adobe-IDs, perfectly allow to be > 12 digits.


      - Is there any way to overcome this limitation?


      I also post this with my heart full of hope that InDesign Folio Producer AddIn programming folk sees this or get informed about this issue and might loosen the limitation in the next patch and provide this tomorrow morning to me




      p.s. changing the password does not solve my problem, it is more complex....i need to use that 13 digits pw on folio producer